Parabolic Solar and Microhydro Institute

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The second DYF Teacher Institute follow up occurred on May 9, 2009 from 8am- 4pm at Humboldt State University. Links to the materials provided at the institute are available below.

Four DYF teachers attended Ellen Osten, Maggie Peter, Rebecca Schuler and Ken Pinkerton.  The instructors were Lonny Grafman and Beth Eschenbach of the Environmental Resources Engineering at HSU.

In the morning Beth Eschenbach provided an overview of the day. The DYF teachers completed a pre-assessment. Lonny Grafman then provide an introduction to parabolic solar cookers.  (Parabolic Solar Cookers (pptx))  The teachers were then provided materials (cardboard, duct tape, utility straps, aluminum foil and box cutters) and given 1.5 hours to create a parabolic solar cookers.

The ovens were tested outside using vegan marshmallows.  All ovens produced warm marshmallows!

Solar Marshmallow

After lunch, participants were re-acquainted with the Pasco Micro Hydro set up presented in the previous Follow Up.  Teachers worked in pairs to build their own set up.  One team of teachers designed a set of experiments to explore the impact of flow on power production and the other team designed experiments for exploring the impact of head on power production.


Teachers then presented their experiments and results to the other team.


Geometric Definition


Other resources


Supporting materials from the day:

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