HISI Microhydro January 30, 2016

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HISI teachers met on Saturday January 30,2016, from 8:30am- 2:30pm at Humboldt State University. Links to the materials used at the session are available below.

Agenda for the Day

  • 8:30-8:45 – Discuss modules, lesson study, future plans (Del Norte), and year three dissemination, April 23rd, and time commitments for the remainder of this year. (Michael & Dale)
  • 8:45-1:00 — Micro-Hydro with Lonny Grafman and Beth Eschenbach



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We tried the gumdrop and toothpick bridge design challenge. I will attach the relevant documents we used. JEN & JACKIE… Continue reading


DYF Institute III: Engineering is Elementary – Thursday

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Outline for the Day

Review yesterday and address feedback
Time to prepare for evening presentations
Marshmallow Challenge
Designing Bridges
Presenting to Engineers and Children
Minute Paper Continue reading


DYF Institute III: Engineering is Elementary – Wednesday

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Inspiration for the Day

We got inspiration from Sheryl Steiner’s experience working with middle school children who ended up winning a national transportation design competition.

We watched the Build a Tower, Build A Team to learn that Kindergartners are great designers when working on teams. Continue reading


DYF Institute III: Engineering is Elementary – Tuesday

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Participants shared ideas about how they help students learn how to work in groups. Some themes were team building, strategies for selecting teams, roles on teams. In addition participants designed parachutes and tested water filters. Continue reading


DYF Institute III: Engineering is Elementary – Monday

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Beth then presented an overview of why it is important to teach engineering to K-12 students. We tied engineering to local needs as described by the Decade of Difference project, based on the Targets of Opportunity. We discussed the difference between science, engineering and technology. Continue reading


HyTEC Fuel Cell Refresher- DYF Teacher Institute

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Brooks, Forrest, Ellen and Jim (on left) and Maggie, Becca, Byron and Dave (on right)

DYF participants meet the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

The second followup for the DYF Teacher Institute II occurred on May 23, 2010 from 8am- 4pm… Continue reading


RCEA Kits: Windbelts and Power Drill Generators DYF Teacher Institute

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Errin and Forrest

Errin and Forrest with a Can You WorKIT

The first Followup for the DYF Teacher Institute II occurred on May 16, 2010 from 8am- 4pm at Humboldt State University. Links to the materials provided at the institute are available below.

Seven DYF teachers attended Brooks Franklin, Ellen Osten,  Rebecca Schuler… Continue reading


Building the Half Windbelts

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DYF prebuild Team Aero Marty FuzzyTeam Aero works with Marty to develop wind belts for DYF teachers.

In preparation for the Sunday workshop, Team Aero members Andres Pineda, Elisabeth Johnson, Holly Leopardi, and Nathen Theobald worked with CNRS Equipment Tech Marty Reed to build ten… Continue reading


Energy Boxes for Classrooms

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The Redwood Coast Energy Authority and HSU course Engineering 215 partner to build energy education boxes for classrooms. Continue reading

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