Rube Goldberg Inventions – Fall 2009

Posted in Dyf at 5:00 pm by Lonny

The HSU Engr215 Rube Goldberg Inventions demonstrations of Fall 2009 were a great success.  We had a variety of celebrity judges including teachers (thank you Dustin Poppendieck and Jessie Misha Cretser-Hartenstein), past students and a 9 year old (his birthday was last week).

Here are some of the Rube Goldberg photos:

A14-7 1 A14-7 2 Awesome Possum 2 A14-7 3 Buddha Crush 1 Buddha Crush 2 Awesome Possum 3 Awesome Possum 1 Original Inc 1 Original Inc 2 SMASH 2 SMASH 1 3/4 Virtu 2 Virtu 1

All of the projects went great, with each team completing… Continue reading