Rube Goldberg Inventions – Fall 2009

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The HSU Engr215 Rube Goldberg Inventions demonstrations of Fall 2009 were a great success.  We had a variety of celebrity judges including teachers (thank you Dustin Poppendieck and Jessie Misha Cretser-Hartenstein), past students and a 9 year old (his birthday was last week).

Here are some of the Rube Goldberg photos:

[flickr tag=rgf09 num=20 size=Thumbnail ]

All of the projects went great, with each team completing the task within the allotted time while impressing the audience with their Rube Goldberg spirit!

Here is a video of an effective can crushing Rube Goldberg invention from the appropriately named Team SMASH!

Here is a congratulatory slide-show (download to see the animations):

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